Citizens and business owners are encouraged to register property for ease of identification in the event the item is ever lost or stolen.

Items such as computer laptops, bikes, iPads, cameras, cell phones and other valuables can be entered. Basically anything with a serial number can be registered with CPD. Why would you want to do this? Many times thefts or burglaries occur and the owner does not have the serial number.  Without this serial number it is almost impossible for police to identify stolen property and return it to the owner.  With this program CPD will have your information on file if you ever become a victim and it will help in the solving of your case.  In addition, if you are a victim in another jurisdiction while traveling or on vacation, you can simply contact CPD and get your information for the law enforcement agency that needs it .  Don't think it can't happen to you!

If you use the online property registration program, it creates a record of your property and your serial number. This will assist in police investigations and the chance of recovery will be higher when the serial number is available.  Simply fill out the form and return it to Clute Police Department via email, mail or drop it off at the police department.  


Property Registration Form