Patrol Division:


The patrol function is referred to by many as the backbone of a police department. Patrol officers are the 1st elements of intervention in most law enforcement activities. They are charged with the 24 hour a day tasks of responding to: 

  • Apprehending criminals
  • Calls for assistance
  • Conducting preliminary criminal investigations
  • Enforcing traffic laws
  • Investigating traffic accidents
  • Preventing crime through random and directed patrols

Our patrol officers work 12 hour shifts as 1 person patrol units assigned to certain areas of the City.

Our patrol section represents Clute's Finest and is committed to providing excellent service with pride, professionalism and compassion - remembering always to treat others as we would want to be treated.


Lt. James Houk   

Sgt. John Rutherford

Sgt. Jesse Garza

Sgt. Jimmie Sparks

Sgt. Brian Harper

Cpl. Tyler Crum

Cpl. Kyle Garcia

Officer Paige Bohli

Officer Ashley Soraiz

Officer Margo Tarrant

Officer Jose Medina

Officer Brett Bromonsky

Officer Jessie Saldivar

Officer Nichole Correia

Officer Camren Mezzino

Officer Dalton Stickley

Officer Paul Keeland 

Officer Tori Murphy

Reserve Officer:

Officer Marke Rodriguez
Officer Chris Mezzino