Criminal Investigation Division

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of 3 detectives, and 1 Property/Evidence Technician.

Detectives investigate felony offenses and some misdemeanor offenses. They are also responsible for collecting evidence and processing crimes scenes.

Detectives assist the Patrol Division when requested as well.

Detectives investigate crimes that fall into the following categories:

Financial Crimes

Financial Crimes include forgery, credit/debit card abuse, and identity theft.

Property Crimes

Property Crimes include burglaries, thefts, and criminal mischiefs

Crimes Against Persons

Crimes Against Persons include all types of assaults, abuse allegations, and Homicides.



Sgt. Chris DuBois


Det. Angela Crawley

Det. Amy Cantrell



Property/Evidence Technician

This person is responsible for maintaining custody over all items submitted into the evidence room. This person also transports evidence to the numerous labs for further testing and ensures all evidence is prepared and presented to court when requested.

Evidence Tech:

Shanna Lobpries