Crime Prevention

Home Security Inspection Program:

Clute PD Officer Belinda Rickman has attended Crime Prevention Training Course #2101 at the Institute for Criminal Justice Studies in San Marcos, Texas and is certified as a Crime Prevention Specialist.  Officer Rickman is available through appointment to conduct home security inspections for Clute residents upon their request.

The objective of this program is to provide Clute residents with a basic understanding of crime prevention.  Officer Rickman will make recommendations to home owners, providing better techniques in securing their home, and will provide fundamental concepts and techniques for preventing and deterring crime.

There is no law requiring a Home Owner's Inspection.  It is up to each individual law enforcement agency to determine whether they want to provide this service or not to their citizens.  The Texas Board of Insurance accepts the Home Inspection Form and most insurance companies accept Officer Inspection Reports; however, it is up to each individual insurance company as to whether or not they offer an insurance discount.  Each citizen should contact their own individual insurance agent to inquire as to whether or not a discount is provided and how much that discount would be if their home passes a Home Security Inspection.

To schedule a home security inspection with Officer Rickman, contact the Clute Police Department at 979-265-6194 ext. 113.