Police Chief Mark Wicker 

Chief Wicker has served in the Law Enforcement field for over 34 years starting his career in 1976.  Having worked for the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department, the Cities of Freeport, Brazoria and the City of Clute from 1981- present.  Appointed Chief of Police in Clute October 1st of 1988 is the longest standing Chief in the history of the City. Chief Wicker is a Brazoswood High School graduate, and attended his basic law enforcement training at Brazosport College while working for Freeport Police Department. 

 Chief Wicker was named Officer of the Year for Brazoria County in 1986 for saving the life of a 4 year old girl and her wounded father during a shoot out and hostage situation at a local convenience store.  He is a current member and past president of the Citizens Advisory Panel for Shintech and BASF and has served on that panel since its origin.  Chief Wicker is a current member and previously two-term president of the Southeast Texas Chiefs of Police Association.  Is a 1994 Graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  He is Chairman of the Clute Traffic Commission having served on that board for over 24 years. Chief Wicker holds a Master Texas Police Officer’s license and Advanced Instructors Certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.



Captain Robin Carlton 

Captain Carlton started in law enforcement in 1978 when he went to work with the Freeport Police Department where he worked with Mark Wicker who is the current Chief of Police in Clute.

Captain Carlton then worked for the Lake Jackson Police Department and came to work for the Clute Police Department in 1987 as a patrol officer. Captain Carlton worked for the Clute Police Department until August of 1998, when he left the department for private business.  He returned to work for the Clute Police Department in April, 1999.

Captain Carlton has worked for the Clute Police Department as a patrol officer, patrol corporal, patrol sergeant, detective, detective sergeant, patrol lieutenant and was promoted to Administrative Captain in January, 2005.  He is second in command to the Chief of Police and is only the second officer of the department to hold this position.  Captain Carlton oversees all employees of the department with the exception of the Criminal Investigation Division.

Captain Carlton is a graduate of the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute, Class #46 and holds a Master Peace Officer Certificate along with numerous other certifications. 

Captain Carlton and his wife Sandra live in Angleton.  They have 5 grown children and 5 grandchildren.  Captain Carlton enjoys playing his guitar, writing gospel music, sports, spending time with family with BBQ's at his home, and time away with his wife in the Texas hill country.

Captain Carlton says, "My faith in Jesus Christ is what sustains me in my life, and every day I strive to depend on Him more for guidance.  I pray for each police officer in this nation, and ask God to grant me more understanding, compassion, commen sense, and courage to be a better Christian, husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, and friend, and to be a better leader for the employees of the Clute Police Department."

Lt. Diane Turner  
Lt. Turner began her law enforcement career with the Lake Jackson Police Department.